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The Invue LS100 is a self-serve lens security solution designed for different sized camera lenses.

Series 940

The Invue Series 940 is the easiest security system to use for consumer electronic merchandise on display.

Series 950

Series 950 is a no compromise solution that has the smallest above counter size, smaller than line alarm, with the simplicity, ease of use and reliability of an InVue POD.

Series 950 Hidden Lens Sensor

The S950 H.L.S. delivers an unrivaled customer experience, allowing store staff to swap out lenses so customers can try a variety of lenses for a camera while keeping the lens safe and secure.

Series 1500

Series 1500 provides superior theft protection because the alarming device remains attached to the merchandise.

Series 2000

Designed to be as discreet as possible, the Series 2000 puts all of the customer’s focus on the merchandise.

Series 2800

Series 2800 is a flexible, multi-position security system that allows retailers to secure multiple branded items on a single fixture or display.