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Model : Q ADAPT In-Ear

Adjust the world to your music. Choose how much of the world you let in or out with CityMix™ adjustable noise cancellation. Watch the video

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Adjustable Noise Cancellation
CityMixTM ANC with four adjustable noise cancellation levels for customizing your listening experience:

CityMixTM Level 1: Pass through - Talk to people around you without taking off the headphones - 80% Outside Noise
City MixTM Level 2: Passive ANC - Enjoy music with maximum awareness and safety - 60% Outside Noise
CityMixTM Level 3: 50% ANC - Enjoy music with awareness in noisy environment - 30% Outside Noise
CityMixTM Level 4: 100% ANC - Immerse yourself in music with minimal background noise - <10% Outside Noise
Lightning Connected
Powered by iOS Lightning connector to power adjustable noise cancellation and amplify your music for premium sound.

Four Button Controls
Use the four-button remote to access CityMix, activate the "Hush" function, play, pause, make and take phone calls, or to simply crank up the volume.

Enjoy Quiet Phone Calls
The Built-in microphone allows you to take calls hands free, and active noise cancellation minimizes background noise.

Premium Sound
Libratone's signature sound profile features a balance of deep bass, full midrange and crisp highs to ensure any genre of music sounds great.

Interchangeable earbuds
Comes with four different sizes for a snug and seamless fit.

Colors to match your style
Q Adapt In-Ear comes in four different colors, so there's a set to suit every kind of style and music.
App Simplicity
Setup and control your Libratone product with the Libratone App. Download it through Google Play or the Apple App Store.


Available colors:

Stormy Black

Code: LI0030000EU6006

Rose Pink

Code: LI0030000EU6007

Elegant Nude

Code: LI0030000EU6008

Cloudy White

Code: LI0030000EU6005