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Aug. 30, 2017

1. Mix it up

Doing the same old routine every time? You’re guaranteeing yourself a very long road to the next fitness level. Make sure to regularly integrate new exercises into your routine. Add weights to a favorite cardio activity. Modify familiar exercises so they’ll work out a new muscle group.

Variation is the ultimate key to progress.

2. Make a plan and stick to it

Notebook with pen, water bottle, phone, barbells

It’s easy to spend all of your time on the easiest activities in your routine – they don’t hurt! But not only will they hold you back, you may be tempted to quit your routine completely when you don’t see major progress.

So, write down a list of the exercises you want to accomplish during each session. A written plan keeps you from wasting valuable seconds walking around the gym, wondering what to do next. It’s an easy way to give your workout routine a concrete beginning, middle and end. Most of all, completing a plan feels good and will make you come back to do it again. And consistency is the secret for big results.

3. Get ready for the gym the night before

Man tying sneakers with yoga mat and TrackR pixel

If you’re planning to work out in the morning, set up everything in advance. Lay out your clothes and sneakers, fill up your water bottle, or roll the barbells out from under your bed so you can’t miss ’em when you wake up.

Preparation is an important part of making a commitment to yourself and your valuable time. You don’t need to waste it on last-minute logistics. Just get down to business.

4. Make a killer soundtrack

Everyone knows that music can majorly affect your mood, energy and precision. There’s a reason why many surgeons and soldiers listen to music when carrying out complicated procedures. To concentrate well, you’ve got to get in the right mindset.

So, don’t just let your streaming music service choose something for you, be smart about it. Take 15 minutes on a Sunday afternoon to sit down and pick out your favorite motivational tunes. Put together a playlist that will inspire and focus you for the rest of the week.

Make sure you don’t waste any of your precious workout time searching for your gym bag, keys or phone. Get a TrackR Item Tracker and ensure you can always find them quickly, even when you’re rushing out the door.