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Jan. 5, 2017
[Libratone launches new Nordic Black version of its iconic ZIPP wireless speaker]

Introducing the Libratone ZIPP Nordic Black
Born in Denmark, the Libratone wireless speaker brand is world renown for its iconic
Scandinavian designs, rich Fullroom™ sound, excellent user experience and unique colour and
fabric palette. Now Libratone adds Nordic Black to its range of base colours, catering to a
request by users who prefer the darker things in life. The new Libratone ZIPP Nordic Black will be
available in March 2017 on and selected retailers. It retails at €299 which is the
same as the Nordic White Libratone ZIPP.
Libratone AS CEO Jan McNair explains, “We have always taken pride in our unique design
heritage. Adding matte black to our selection of base colours caters to our users who love the
design and functionality of our speakers and have an interior or personal style that’s just better
suited to black.” Libratone was the first speaker company to cut speakers loose from the corners
of the room and use soft fabrics and interesting colours to allow their users more freedom of
choice. “The ZIPP Nordic Black perfectly extends our offering,” McNair continues.
Now on board: Instant access to Spotify Playlists
The introduction of ZIPP Nordic Black comes with a new software update for all Libratone ZIPPs.
This brings a range of new features, such as Spotify Favourites, which enables Spotify Premium
users to store any five playlists directly on the ZIPP and control them via the ZIPP touch interface
– no need for your phone, tablet or other device. A new Sleep Timer lets you decide down to the
minute when the speaker should stop playing and power down for the night. And the new
Standby Mode automatically powers the ZIPP down after 30 minutes of no action, turning off
lights, amps and audio cues to reduce power consumption. Hit play on your phone or touch the
ZIPP and it comes back to life in an instant.
All existing ZIPP speakers can be updated free of charge via the Libratone App with the new
features and upgrades. “This makes the ZIPP a dynamic technology purchase,” says McNair. “And
perfect for building a sprawling Multi-Room system, one speaker at a time.”
Expanding the ZIPP ecosystem
The ZIPP Nordic Black joins an already extensive ecosystem that includes the ZIPP and ZIPP MINI,
which have a durable white base and Libratone’s Cool Weave fabric, and the ZIPP Copenhagen
Edition featuring an exclusive aluminium base and Italian wool covers. All Libratone covers are
interchangeable between the different bases and there are 12 colours to choose from. The new
black base brings the number of possible combinations of base, cover and handles to over 70 –
giving users an ever-expanding freedom to choose.
For more information please contact:
Marie-Louise Lynge
Social Media & PR Lead, EMEA
About Libratone
Libratone is on a mission to liberate sound and to expand peoples’ experiences with music in the
era of streaming. Founded in 2009, Libratone is one of the first audio companies to consider the
aesthetics of speakers – to move them out of the corner of the room and into the centre and
onward, for the consumer on the move. Designed in Denmark, Libratone creates high performing
sound refined through plush fabrics for a warmer, brighter listening experience. In 2014, the
company welcomed Chinese investment and technological insight, enabling an unprecedented
technological leap forward. The 2015 launch of SoundSpaces and the new ZIPP family is the first
launch under the new ownership and marks a refresh of the Libratone brand.
Libratone’s headquater is based in Copenhagen, and regional offices are located in Santa
Clara (US) and Beijing (China).
Press materials can be found at:
Twitter: @Libratone
Instagram: @Libratone